Letter: America fine without socialism

This new generation of liberals will make or break this nation with how they respond to the political tide. This fascination with socialism is nothing new.

Socialism was introduced into the classroom in increments dating as far back as the early 1900’s. We do not teach today, we indoctrinate from kindergarten to college. History is all but forgotten. God has been removed from the classroom. The pledge is no longer said, and we have come to the point where everything American is offensive to these people.

This is why Trump won.

There are still those of us that know true history, that still have a love of God and country and that still believe in honor and respect. The liberals wish to destroy this and everything else that this country was founded upon.

The sad thing is that with all the pain and misery caused by socialism throughout the world these fools still believe it will work. I have news for them, America worked without socialism just fine. We as a nation need to return to the principles set forth by our founders which are proven to work instead of embracing a system that is responsible for several hundred million deaths as well as mass poverty, starvation and the lack of freedom in any form.

Bob Riley, Fort Jennings


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