Letter: Trump better be ready to handle Dem snakes

Democrat ideals and goals are on display. They told us what they were going to do. Now they are here. You failed to listen. Now we pay the price.

The Democrats are on the side of murdering the fetus even up to the moment of birth and after, as those Democrats in New York cheered and those in Virginia look on.

Be ever vigilant. They are after your tax cut. The grabbers are coming for our 2nd Amendment. They do not want the wall either, but you know what? They themselves hide behind walls and guns. Walls work. These next two years will show Democrats for what they are. Watch who they are.

In 2020 we have another chance to send them packing. We had a good chance in 2018 but failed. Now we have to survive. This Republic has to survive. We have President Donald J. Trump and some Republicans to protect us. Resist.

President Trump is very deserving of our support and prayers. This is the president I had waited so long for: A little rough around the edges but true to us and this great country.

He learned a lot from the rough and tumble of New York construction and real estate world. I believe that he knows the snakes that lay in wait and how to handle them. Do not trust the Democrats, as we have seen how they lied so many times in the past and violated agreements.

President Trump, be wary. If you open the government without the wall, we will never get the wall. You cannot trust Democrats. They are snakes. Have you ever read the snake story?

Phillip C. Sellati



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