Letter: The liberal’s play book

After hearing everything that liberals are against in the news for the past few months, I thought I’d write down some of the items that most of the liberals are going to run on:

1. Wanting open borders, NO WALL.

2. Abortions-up to one day before birth

3. No voter picture I.D.s.

4. Free healthcare for all.

5. Free college tuition for all.

6. Attacking conservatives everywhere.

7. Restoring higher taxes for all.

8. Stifling regulations on small and big businesses.

9. Sanctuary cities and states.

10. Free everything for illegals.

11. Condoning biased main stream media.

12 Bashing our president.

13. Wanting to share everyone’s wealth

14. Voting rights and driver’s licenses for illegals.

15. Abolish our electoral college.

16. Edit our Constitution, some wanting to get rid of it.

17. Gun control

18. Abolish I.C.E.

19. Enforcing political correctness

20. Erasing history by censoring books.

21. Suppressing 1st amendment rights.

22. Moving the liberal and far left towards socialism.

23. Against checking the “I am a Citizen” box on our census.

24. Against the death penalty except abortions.

25. Anti-Christianity at every turn.

If it is good for America, the Dems are against it.

God help us!

Ed Hanson, Lima


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