Letter: Being benevolent toward birds of prey

Ohio is home to 20 different species of birds of prey. This would include hawks, eagles, falcons, vultures and owls.

Whether people realize this or not, these birds are beneficial to us. Hawks, eagles, falcons and owls eat rats, mice and other pests that do damage to our crops. By eating dead animals, vultures both keep our countryside clean and prevent the spread of disease.

However, some of the things that we do can be harmful to birds of prey. By using poisoned carcasses to get rid of coyotes, you could end up poisoning a vulture by accident.

And, of course, human encroachment on the habitats of these birds will leave them without sources of food or shelter. If you have a hawk, eagle, falcon, or owl living in your backyard, let it stick around. And, try to use less poisons when dealing with pests or problem animals.

This way, we can help protect our fine, feathered friends.

Thomas Miller Huffman



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