Letter: Not sold on smart meeters

I appreciated reading the letter from Scott Osterholt, “Concerns about smart meters,” but I have been reading articles online concerning smart meter fires. This is a short summary of what I have read:

“There have been reports of fires believed to have been caused by smart meters that were faulty and/or incorrectly installed. It appears to be not just a matter of freak incidents. In some cases fires appear to have originated in the meters themselves, in other cases in appliances like microwave ovens or refrigerators because of power surges. Companies installing smart meters already have run into a lot of consumer push-back because of concerns about privacy, security, and sometimes, higher rather than lower electricity costs.

Fires have been reported after smart meter installations, along with shorting or burning-out of appliances and electronics of all type.

Incorrectly installed smart meters can be fire hazards. If you are hearing humming, buzzing in the wires, have power going on and off, your home may be at risk for smart meter fires or burn-outs of your home appliances. These types of problems may not be covered by your insurance if the damage is caused by the utility company.

They have noted that most fire balling, hot meters, burnouts and power failures do not seem attributable to the meter and its design, but by improper installation. Appliance damage can be caused by the smart meter or at the time smart meters are installed due to failure to shut down the electrical panel prior to installation.”

This causes much concern, I don’t want something like this installed on my house that can cause this kind of damage. I also read the electric companies hire contractors to install smart meters which some lack experience and training.

Jan Bohmer Lima


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