Letter: Someone finally tells Trump ‘no’

It was refreshing to see the system of checks and balances in our democracy finally put into action, since our Commander-in-Chief’s own party has been unwilling to fulfill their own duties and oath of office. Someone was able to give our president a Civics 101 lesson in how a republican democracy is supposed to work, and why our Founding Fathers created three co-equal branches of government. And that someone happens to be a strong, intelligent woman who also happens to hold the third most-powerful position in our government. For Donald Trump and his misogynistic minions, that has to hurt.

Now I realize that the people who still think our president is a “very smart guy” who has “a very good brain” will disagree with the aforementioned assessment, but that’s the reason they too need to take a refresher course in Civics to understand how our government works.

Mr. Trump has never had anyone tell him “No” over the course of his life and it was a new experience for him. Just hope he can get used to it.

Larry Donaldson, Lima


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