Letter: Bike trail a problem for Delphos

The Fifth Street purposed changes need to be looked at from a resident’s view and not from just a couple people.

First, do we as Delphos residents want the change? Do we need a bike trail on one of the busiest streets in Delphos. For our town, we have a working system, Historically the city has plowed the snow to the middle of the street and eventually came back and hauled it off. It didn’t bother anybody there.

Delphos has five community parks consisting of 110 total acres. I could see putting a paved bike trail from one to the other connecting them all together and when crossing 5th Street, it be at an intersection with a light.

All delivery trucks at Jim’s restaurant unload from the street. Losing that one lane, How safe is that? Is it their intent to put them out of business because of delivery problems?

Delphos is a farm community. Especially at planting and harvest time, it is common to see large farm equipment going east or west thru town. Again I say we have a system that works for us. Don’t change it. What works in another city doesn’t mean it is good for us.

Check web sites; https://www.motorists.org/blog/problem-road-diets/


Do a google search of “Problems with road Diets”.

Farmers, truck drivers, local businessman, township trustees, and residents, you are invited to attend the town council meeting on Feb 4th at 7 p.m. The safety service director of Delphos will be reading his report on the 5th Street status. After that meeting everyone is invited out to the Eagles for fellowship and conversation.

Dennis Wieging, Delphos

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