Snow heroes: Elderly man passed away while shoveling

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Today’s Snow Heroes offer a special tribute to a man who passed away while shoveling, and a reminder not to overexert yourself in these winter weather conditions.

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Might sound silly, but I’ll go with my dad’s uncle. Doing the job all by himself being elderly, he passed away while shoveling in these freezing temps.

Laura Shrader, Lima

While I was in the kitchen cooking some chili, I went to the front door to look at the snow and I noticed my sidewalk, driveway and walk up to my porch had been cleaned. I would like to thank my “snow angels:” Davina Morgan, Deon Morgan, Kim Capers and Carlos Potts for their act of kindness. God Bless!

Shirley Potts, Lima

After the recent blizzard, I heard a snow blower before 7 a.m. It was our neighbor Steve doing his driveway. After that, he continued on to our driveway and then on to the house in the other direction (he looked like a snow drift wearing boots.) Being 85 in a couple of months I was most grateful for his caring. Nothing new though as he has been generous in many ways. Our thanks to this very good neighbor.”

Dick McCobb, Lima

The wind is blowing, the temps are minus 20, but our “snow angel” is hard at work. This could possibly be the second time he has been out in the elements today, making sure our driveway, walk and porch area is cleaned. Mark Biedenharp is his name and we thank him from the bottom of our hearts. Mark is one of the very best examples of what a wonderful neighbor is.

Ron and Kay Wita, Elida

My husband has been ill for the last 8 years and can no longer do any of the chores, but I am totally surrounded with the world’s best neighbors. One of them, Lynn Rockhold cleaned our driveway the last two times it snowed. We are so lucky to have neighbors like this.

Millie Fisher, Elida

My brother got stuck in my driveway and two guys in a pickup stopped and helped my husband and I shovel and push him out! They didn’t share their names and didn’t take the cash we offered them. They were just out lending a hand where they saw a need! There are still good people out there.

Lisa Morales, Lima

Josh Peters and our 9-year-old son split wood Saturday just in case we lost power, we would still be able to keep warm.

Andrea Peters

My snow angels are Nate Stahler and Tim Woods. Nate dug me out of the first Saturday storm and Tim dug me out of the second one. Didn’t ask me if I needed it done, just did it. They are truly Angels.

Martha Zerkel

Mr. Ray Moody is my snow hero. During this past weekend, Ray shoveled snow from five driveways in the 1600 block of Sunrise Drive. As a matter of fact, he shoveled snow from my driveway twice during the past weekend. Ray has been a blessing to the entire neighborhood. I am grateful for his kindness. Thank you Ray.

Bonnie Cooper, Lima

Josh Best came all the way from Lima to Spencerville with only 2 hours sleep and dug me out. … accepting cookies for payment.

Debra Eutsler, Spencerville

Scott Fisher is my hero. He’s always there for me and family comes out 6 in the morning to get all of us cleaned out

Paula Dirmeyer, Harrod

My husband, he shoveled our porch and driveways and worked on our remodeled bathroom. Nap time.

Becky Neal Pescosolido

Our next door neighbor Dennis cleared our driveway with his trusty Bobcat. He is such a great neighbor! Thanks Dennis!

Jessica Weyer Bentley, Roundhead

My son shoveled the driveway 3 times because his dad was sick. Even gave the dog his last walk of the day! Thank you William!

Carol Kleffner, Lima

My dad lives in Lima. He uses his snow blower and takes care of the sidewalks for his block and expects nothing in return.

Ashley Wiechart, Elida

Maybe not a hero to others, but the critters certainly appreciated the effort . My husband cleared a path around the pens for the goats and chickens so they could get out if their sheds and walk around comfortably. And he cleared an area for the dogs, too.

Traci Travella Bitler, Lima

A big thank you to Harold Camper, who cleaned the sidewalks on Lincoln in Lima. Also to Jenni Alkire for Mr Alkire, who cleaned the Elm Street sidewalk. It was drifted so bad.

Teresa Heath, Lima

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