Letter: Encore’s “Mama Mia” one mother of a hit

I attended Encore Theatre’s “Mama Mia” as a complete novice, having never seen the film nor the musical. With surprise laughs and surprise twists to character storylines, I can see why so many in the audience seemed to know the show and love it so.

The audience laughed heartily, danced in their seats. Sitting in the back, it was obvious that some of the audience members were very taken by getting to see the story live and up close.

For those who love the band Abba and the music of the 70s, the cast does a fantastic job of making the songs and storyline vibrant and modern. I’ll be honest that Abba was never my “go to” music, but I loved this show and how the music was incorporated into the hilarious and touching storyline and will admit that by the end I was as swept up in the show as well.

One thing I cannot stress enough is that the backing vocals were the best I’ve ever heard in an adult show. Along with the fantastic job done by the orchestra, a group of backing vocalists sat above the stage, giving the songs amazing depth and a rich, stereo sound.

Much applause to Missy Keller, Anthony Taylor, Karin Dorsey, the Costume & Construction Crews, and everyone who worked to put this show together and make it so fun and vibrant.

This past Saturdays show was moved to Thursday due to weather. The show runs this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 8 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m.

Jim Patton, Elida


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