Letter: More fuss than function

I read The Lima News story on the meeting of the Commissioners with the Lima-Allen County Building Department. I also found an article from March 13 which states, “As the business community’s representative, Sprague said he has heard from many developers, contractors, and design professionals that say Lima’s building department has been overly rigid in enforcement. Elstro maintains that enforcement doesn’t differ from place to place due to uniform state regulations provided by the Department of Commerce.”

It appears the issue here is of developers and contractors desiring an easier path than the rules allow and seeking sympathetic inspectors to paper over their shortcomings. As a consumer, it is reassuring to hear that the inspectors are “rigid” — perhaps “doing their job” would be more accurate phrasing.

But what disturbs me is to hear the accusations, absent actual examples, of those smearing our public servants. To criticize without being helpful is no prescription for success. If Commissioner Sneary is unable to provide a single example of a “problem,” perhaps he should use his breath to cool his porridge. Otherwise, this seems nothing more than a stunt on behalf of cronies.

The greatest economic damage to our community is done by the recurrent remonstrations of political leaders who fuss more than function. Who wants to locate in a community with a history of continued political backbiting and obstruction? My mother used to say this was a place full of people who “would cut off their nose to spite their face.” Inflicting pain may produce short term satisfaction but is no way to build a successful community.

Michael Wildermuth, Lima


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