Letter: NAACP seeks justice for all

The Declaration of Independence starts with all men are created equal, but is written by white males who owned blacks as property. This white male privilege was displayed in The Lima News editorial against the NAACP.

The editorial attempted to define the role of the oldest civil rights organization; an organization that is subjected to its bylaws created by its membership. The editor had the audacity to tell NAACP to address crime in the black community. So, what organization addresses crime in the white community? Crime is crime no matter the race. This audacious behavior is like the slave master’s (white male privilege) control over his human property who attempted to strip blacks of their identity and proceeded to define their role in society.

NAACP protects the civil rights of people without discrimination which means one’s past, race, or gender are not considered when seeking equitable resolution to a complaint where one’s rights are disregarded. The chapter president ensures that this process is maintained after seeking the approval of its executive board.

The editor’s attempt to make this a personal issue between the local president and law enforcement was reckless and a display of white male privilege. “Promoting active liberty doesn’t mean allowing the majority to run roughshod over minorities. It calls for taking special care that all groups have a chance to fully participate in society…” Ginsburg. Change is to make or become different. Change is not comfortable but necessary. The constitution is meaningless if we don’t subscribe to equality and justice for all driven by change.

Law enforcement must reasonably discipline officers for overt violation of rules. Prosecutors and judges must uphold the law.

Dr. Carol A. Fails, Lima


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