Letter: Landlord registration meeting a fiasco

I attended the landlord registration/licensing meeting at Council chambers. While I agree that something needs to be done to bring housing stock up, I disagree with making villains of the landlords that try to supply a place for people to live.

We have ordinances on the books to deal with issues involving substandard housing. Use them. Also, to say that allowing someone to come into your house will possibly decrease crime is a pipe dream. I have a lot of respect for our police chief, but if he wants to reduce crime then help us with better job opportunities and education. If people have good paying and livable incomes with benefits, the crime rate will go down. I am also an advocate of demolishing rundown, vacant houses. I pushed for removing these blighted structures since early 2000 and have been personally involved in removing these structures.

The meeting was a fiasco. I am asking everyone to please come up with good viable suggestions that can be discussed concerning our housing problem. I’ve also sent a series of questions for City Council members to consider before their next meeting.

For cities that have landlord registration:

• What’s their rate/percentage of compliance.

• How is the money collected and how is it used for the betterment of the community?

• What was the rate of evictions before and after?

• What was the crime rate before and after registry?

Ray Magnus, Lima


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