Letter: Portman should break with Trump

Eleven GOP senators broke with President Trump over relaxing sanctions with Putin-linked Oligarch.

I wrote to Senator Portman and said, “You didn’t have the courage to stand up for your message you had an aide do it.” The following is taken from WAPO.

An aide to Sen. Rob Portman said the Ohio Republican voted to support the deal with Deripaska because these sanctions have “inadvertently had a significant adverse impact on the global aluminum market and employers in Ohio.” The aide added in an email: “The goal of sanctions is to change behavior — and in this specific case the sanctions have done so. … Treasury can ensure these behavioral changes remain in place while also helping employers that use aluminum.”

Russia lined up with China, Iran in Syria, this man called our president has done more damage to our reputation, his behavior is disgraceful. His relationship and behavior in meetings with Putin are suspect.

Carole Daley, Lima

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