Letter: Loss of allegiance and loyalty to Allen County

The citizens of Allen County are experiencing a power grab by Jeff Sprague, of Allen County, and Richard Osgood, of Miami County.

The result of this is the closure of all building departments in West Central Ohio except Miami County. All building contractors, homeowners who desire a building alteration to their residence or rentals, all developers and all monies will now travel to Miami County (Troy) Ohio.

This robs the city of Lima of a half million dollars and results in the loss of jobs to fellow Allen County residents. How is it possible Allen County Development, Allen County Commissioners and Allen County Township Trustees would actively pursue the transference of all Allen County building decisions to Miami County. Why do they want local control, building decisions, jobs and money to go to Miami County?

The mindset of those elected officials in Allen County are doing a much better job for Miami County than the county they are paid to represent. They have lost allegiance and loyalty to Allen County.

Karen Stayonovich, Lima


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