Letter: Give the power back to people

Ohioans wonder if our best interests are being represented when wealthy donors give unlimited contributions to influence elections and to buy influence over government policies, at the expense of ordinary people.

A recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll showed 77 percent of registered voters said “reducing the influence of special interests and corruption in Washington” is “the most important or a very important issue facing the country.”

As constituents, we want to be fairly represented by legislators who are responsive to this issue. To that end, American Promise members throughout our state are communicating with our US House of Representative members in January by postcards, emails, phone calls or visits. Our message is: pledge to use your office to support a 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution so that people — not big money — govern our country.

In the 4th District, we are asking Representative Jim Jordan to soften his partisan stance, endorse this pledge, and with a Democratic colleague, join the House Bi-Partisan Campaign Reform Caucus. This caucus is working toward the fundamental reform we need to strengthen our political system dominated by money.

Lisa Robeson, Bluffton


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