Letter: Smart meters a health hazard

Recently, I wrote how our government sold you out, again. This time, smart meters. And the perpetrators are the mayor, the councilors and the commissioners.

Let me point out, smart meters send an electromagnetic frequency signal (EMF) to a central location, wirelessly. The World Health Organization (WHO) designates wireless as a Class 2B cancer causing carcinogen. And, thousands of peer-reviewed research publications concur. The list of long term health hazards can be evidence for leukemia, breast cancer , brain tumors, effects on the immune System, ‘Effects on neurology and behavior … well, you get the idea.

Short term health hazards are insomnia, anxiety, headaches, ringing in the ears, disorientation, eye problems, fatigue, heart arrhythmia, leg cramps, arthritis, flu-like symptoms, nose bleeds, urinary problems, and more.

Furthermore, many communities have reported that smart meters caused house fires. PG&E, Californian’s largest utility, is thinking about filing bankruptcy, so it can hide from liability concerning the recent California fires.

Bottom line: any way you look at it, smart meters are bad news. ‘We The People’ don’t have to put up with this. We need a public discussion. And we need for our utilities to complete a comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). We need accountability. Are you the man of the house? Are you a single mother? Do children depend on you for safety? What are you waiting on? Make phone calls, write letters, hold public meetings, gather your friends and neighbors, do something.

Does your faith allow you to be a coward?

Ned Bushong, Lima


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