Letter: Response to “How many more children must die?”

Response to “How many more children must die?”

While I totally understand the emotional impact surrounding the immigration debate, I’m just amazed at the lack of reality, or understanding, as to the true source of the problem. In most cases, as in the case 8 year old Felipe Gomez, the second sentence in Delores Hardin’s letter posted in Sunday’s paper said it all. “He and his father had been in the custody of US customs and border patrol agents since Dec. 18th.”

Yes, some young people, even children, have made the trip on their own. And, yes, I get that they are attempting to leave a life of poverty and violence behind. Neither makes an illegal crossing of our border legal. Why do we only make it an issue when it’s children being detained? Are they immune to the reality of a law broken? No matter how much we understand the moral need for their actions, in those cases where parents bring them to the scene of “the crime,” are the parents not the source of the problem? Would Felipe have been there if not for his father? The mother and siblings were at home, hoping for the best.

As illegals, they’re goal was to get established in our country. Father to work, and son to do what? Start school? Receive government assisted child day care? Face it, either he works to provide for the son, or he seeks “our assistance.” Yours and mine. If he works, how does he provide safe, legal care of an 8 year old? Abandon him for hours a day, or again, seek “our assistance.” When it’s discovered he has no legal right to be working in our country, does he “give up” the son or abandon him for a “better life?” I’m sorry, but the plan is flawed from the start.

In the first instance they end up in custody. Under slightly different circumstances than history recalls their plight. The end is the same. Where do you hold the father in custody? If the son is also captured, do you expect him to be held in an adult facility, just so the innocent bystander, drug into the mess by the father, isn’t separated from everyone he knows?

Where was the “cruelty towards migrants?” “But no one would say why Felipe or his father were detained for almost a week or why they were put on detention.” They crossed our border illegally. Why does no one get that. The family of the young police officer killed last week get it. His young wife and little boy lost him at the hands of an illegal.

What if your neighbor, or worse yet, a family member, were to take their 8 year old son along on a crime spree? Say, a robbery or a breaking and entering of a home. What if they’re confronted by the homeowner, and the father attacks, or worse, kills the homeowner. What if you were the homeowner’s family member? Is his son a criminal? Should he be charged? Is he an accomplice? Where would he be held? With the father? Get real. We all know that’s not how it works.

A parent putting a child in danger, any way you look at it, is a cowardly act. Used like a human shield, against their own illegal activities. Like the issues involving radical terrorism, we, the morally thinking, God fearing, sane minded people of the earth, want solutions. They are not, and never will be, black and white. We don’t think, or live the same.

Jeff McDougle

835 Skinner St. Lot 66

Delphos Ohio 45833


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