Letter: $19 Million in 19 Days

For readers of The Lima News who are not aware, average Americans like you and me are now funding the famous wall. A GoFundMe account, started by an Air Force combat vet who is also a triple amputee, is up to $19 million dollars collected in 19 days. This crowdfunding effort shows Americans want the wall between the US and Mexico built.

Donations coming in at approximately $1 million a day represents the fact that we need better border security. We do not want illegal immigrants flooding into our country without being vetted. Some of these migrants bring drugs that our children or grandchildren could get ahold of. Some are in gangs that kill, harm or threaten Americans. At least 13 Americans were killed in 2018 by criminal illegal aliens in our country. There are also rapes, robberies and stolen identifications.

In 2018, US Border patrol arrested 6,259 immigrants in between ports of entry who had a criminal history. Another 10,572 immigrants with previous criminal records were encountered by Custom and Border Patrol at ports of entry.

Thankfully, ICE deported 5,872 gang members this past year.

Marilyn Gratz, Lima


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