Letter: Listen to the call, we need the wall

The Democrats are saying we do not need a wall to protect our borders because we have technology. Well the problem is technology would detect illegals entering our country, but it does not stop them from coming in as a proper wall would. We need a barrier wall that cannot be climbed or burrowed under. A border with no wall will allow illegals to enter this country and they will disperse throughout our country and become invisible. ICE just released 1000 illegals into this country because they did not have facilities to detain them and who knows where they went. What do you think they will do? They have no skills. If they cannot get in, we do not have to handle them.

The end result is that we still have no border. Once they get across the border the war is lost; $5 billion for the wall is small change and will pay dividends every year. We need the wall. When we build the wall, in effect, Mexico will pay for it. They will be stuck with the people.

Do you really believe that the Democrats would continue to fund the people to man the technology wall? Once the funding goes, there will be no technology wall.

I would not compromise on the money, but we can bargain with the DACA illegals. These are the only illegals who could have a route to citizenship because most of them have known no other country. This discussion should be the other half of the wall deal. Trade the DACA’s for the wall.

Phillip C Sellati, Lima


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