Letter: Handicap doesn’t mean you can be nasty

I would like to ask handicap people to have more respect for each other.

I have had a few encounters with other handicapped people that have been rude, selfish and just plain nasty — twice over a parking place.

One lady wanting my parking spot claimed she had heart problems and tried to burn me with her cigarette. If she’d stop smoking, maybe she would get better. I had four bypasses myself four years ago, but I don’t smoke and I feel fine. I do have some other physical problems, but hey, I keep going and still try to do what I can. I also have good people helping me.

A young woman made a nasty remark toward me because I was using a scooter. Someday, she might find herself needing a scooter. Just remember: everyone gets old and some of us are left handicapped.

Most of these instances happened at stores, but one involving a parking space took place at a church. I don’t go there anymore.

Let’s have more respect for each other. Handicapped people, we all hurt.

Jane Painter, Lima


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