Letter: Not too late to say thanks

I was in a car accident May 19th. I was driving on state Route 198 when a 22-year-old guy pulled out in front of me. I hit his car on the side and ended up in a field.

The 22-year-old guy and his 2 friends did not have the decency to come to my car to see if I was OK or not. They just stood in the field on their cell phones calling their families.

A guy came to my car and he asked if I wanted to call someone. I gave him the number of the person I wanted to call and he called that person and he held his cell phone up to my ear so I could talk to this person. Then when I was done he got up told someone that 911 was called and then he left.

I never got the chance to say thank you . If the guy who did that for me on May 19th is reading this letter, thank you.

Shelly Horetski, Wapakoneta

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