Letter: Ready to stand up to Berger on meters

Day after day, he refuses to do his job. Last year, it was cable TV prices. My group, the media and the public hammered him for months, but he never lifted a finger. Then it was his arguing with the county. But he never apologized! Pure narcissism.

Now it’s Smart Meters: A month ago AEP, and a couple of days ago the water department (only a tyrant would send a notice on Christmas Eve).

For those who don’t know:

1. Smart meters can be very hazardous to your health, especially children and babies. I think it’s because of their thin skulls and skin, which allows the pulses to damage their brain functions/development. With autism and other issues at records, children do not need any more enemies. But senior citizens have reported injuries, too. Plus, a large number of studies have shown at least a causal link to cancer and degenerative diseases.

2. I don’t recall any public meetings held for input whether we wanted these.

3. The privacy issue should bother everybody. It’s just more spying.

And the reliability of these meters is horrible, with over 72,000 complaints of run-away water bills in Cleveland alone.

Considering all the problems, we the people should not have to put up with these smart meters. Just say no! Let’s all get up and make some noise. We need to stop this.

Ned Bushong



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