Letter: Local service better than Miami Co. offer

I can’t believe that the Allen County commissioners believe we can get better service in Lima by moving building inspection to Miami County. I remember when we were going to get better and more efficient service by closing the Lima-area U.S. mail sorting system and moving it to Columbus. Has anyone found things better after that move? No, me neither.

Yet these supposedly smart people want to move building inspection from Lima to Dayton (pardon me, Troy). How is it that they preach, “Local government is better,” but then they hear sugary promises of “move it to Miami County, and we will do it cheaper and better” and they bite?

Of course, the proposed two local employees will be able to do a better and faster job than the current seven. If you believe that, you’ll surely want to buy the deed to Faurot Park from me. When it turns out that those two can’t handle it, you can travel to Troy to complain and see what that will get you.

This whole charade smells. Is the cause bad blood, politics, corruption or just stupidity? I don’t know, but I hope people will start acting like grown-ups and actually talk to the department in Lima.

James Bode



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