Letter: ‘…So what, Who cares…’

The president’s former lawyer goes to court and pleads guilty for activities that he and the president colluded on concerning hush money for mistresses to help his 2016 presidential campaign, in violation of Federal Election laws. Numerous witnesses and Trump associates verify the facts of the story. When Republican leaders and Trump bootlickers are asked about this verifiably truthful information, their response is “…so what, who cares…”.

Since this latest accusation that the president committed a felonious act is just the tip of the Executive Branch criminal action iceberg, citizens of this country want to know one thing: Tell us what laws U.S. citizens can break and get away with, just like ol’ “love ‘em and leave ‘em” Trump.

Obviously, the rule of law and the U.S. Constitution doesn’t mean anything to the president’s party’s leaders and base of supporters when it’s their guy, so just let the rest of us know what laws we don’t have to follow. That way, when a regular citizen is questioned about some law that may have been broken, he or she can point to the president as an example and say, “…so what, who cares…he got away with it”.

Larry Donaldson, Lima

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