Letter: Building department meets our needs

Recently we undertook a major project in downtown Lima, opening the 318 Restaurant and Bar at 318 N. Main St.

We expected about an 18-month project, but with the exceptional assistance of the great people at the Lima-Allen County Building Department, the project was completed in approximately six months. There was almost daily interaction with management, staff and inspectors from the building department. They were very active in helping us to get the permitting and inspection process. All of our contractors were local and licensed by the city of Lima. They knew the process and were helpful with our interactions with the Lima-Allen County Building Department.

I hope the Allen County commissioners and the Allen Economic Development Group will discontinue exploring a relationship with an out of county building department and work with the Lima-Allen County Building Department to undertake correcting what may or may not be a perceived problem. We don’t want our building department hindered in any way from doing their great job nor do we want to see our friends and neighbors unemployed by this action.

I know the county commissioners want what’s best for Lima and Allen County, so let’s please continue working with the great and qualified people at “our” building department.

Ray Magnus, Lima

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