Letter: Something doesn’t pass the smell test

Well, here we go again. It’s Christmas time and you would think the kids would learn to play nice. After all

Santa is “making a list and checking it twice”.

Someone is always fighting with the Lima mayor, the city council, the police department, the fire department and now the county commissioners have their oar in the water. And “they” wonder why companies don’t want to locate here! Would you move to a neighborhood where no one knows how to get along?

Apparently the commissioners have some kind of problem with something called the Lima-Allen County Building Department. The county’s name is on the department, so either it is their for decoration or someone might be doing “due diligence” when they should be doing more supervision.

Six months ago, when the “problem” became public, it was rather vague. You cannot solve a problem without first defining it. It sounds as though the city was trying to do something about something without receiving any input from the county, which the city took to mean improvement.

In the meantime, the county and the Allen Economic Development Group have been having many “off the record” conversations” about having someone from Miami County do something concerning the building department’s function here in Allen County (maybe).

Something doesn’t pass the smell test.

There is more to this than what has been published in The Lima News. What it is beginning to smell like is Allen County politics. Too much “good ole boy” behind closed doors shenanigans or is some one trying to create an issue as a springboard to (higher) office?

Come on kids, it is time to do your jobs. They are important and you are well paid.

After all, you do work for the people!

Clarence C. Roller, Lima


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