Letter: Barra inflicting demise of GM

It is with great surprise that Mary Barra, the chairwoman and CEO of General Motors, would initiate the closing of American and Canadian automobile plants in order to build electric cars in Mexico and China. She apparently doesn’t realize this move would produce a tremendous amount of backlash from the American consumer and be counterproductive to the stockholders of General Motors who expect returns on their investments.

Who would buy an electric car from a foreign entity while our countrymen are being displaced through negligent management decisions? It is shameful that General Motors did not have the foresight to shift production to a viable mode of transportation which the consumer wants and needs in a changing world.

It would appear that greed mingled with lack of understanding will eventually lead to the ultimate demise of a once great institution. It was once said, “What is good for GM is good for America.” This phrase no longer holds true for I fear this decision is certainly not good for this country and I estimate it also will have an adverse effect on the sale of all General Motors products sold. I find people are loyal to factions which reciprocate this noble attribute, and Mary Barra does not project this image in the slightest.

Perhaps it is time to pay back the $12 billion that General Motors still owes the American public during its’ bailout. It is time that the citizens of our nation react to the decision of Mary Barra and General Motors on closing our nations automotive plants. Retool Mary, Retool.

Leslie J. Kubinski, Wapakoneta


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