Letter: Met Housing: It’s cold inside

Met Housing promised three weeks ago the Furl Williams Apartments on Robb Avenue would have heat.

It has been three months. If this was your parents you would be sure it was working. Having space heaters in the apartments is not getting it done. This is so dangerous and even the Fire Department has said it is illegal to be using them to heat a complex. If this was owned and under your watch rental owners would be fined. This has been brought to the attention of the mayor, City Counsel and Met Housing.

I was told several things: First they were waiting on parts, then a new boiler, then two boilers were coming and then parts again and lastly they were trying to get someone to t install it. One problem they have is to many chiefs and not enough Indians. There are a lot of spectators and enough players. It is time to get it fixed before someone gets hurt or worse dies.

I guess the next action is a lawsuit to get it fixed!

Ken Piercefield, Elida

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