Letter: Comments degrading toward women

I read in the Columbus Dispatch, Rep.Seitz (R) describes Diana Fessler, not at the event, an outspoken and, at times, controversial conservative.

Seitz reportedly made fun of some of Fessler’s beliefs, questioned her stability, and told the audience that if they don’t remember her, “Just think Candice Keller but more outspoken.”

Sen. Matt Huffman (R) also issued an apology after some people thought he went too far with a comment.

These women were not being roasted. An apology just does not cover it for a person in a position of power. This is a demonstration of his beliefs and thinking, he absolutely needs to resign. Or do the Republicans, like Trump, think it is okay to sexually harass and humiliate women? In my estimation that is why these older white men need to go, another example is how Christine Blasey Ford was treated.

Carole Daley, Lima

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