Letter: GOP needs to get behind Trump

OK! So the election is over. We have two years to watch and see how the Democrats who moved to the center to get elected work out. Voters swallowed their bait, hook line and sinker. But we have known many two-faced Democrats over the years.

The Republicans would not have lost so many seats if there had not been more than 40 retirements of experienced Republican legislators since incumbents tend to win. Well, I have one thing to say….. good riddance to most of them as for the most part they did not support President Trump and this is why so many of President Trump’s goals were not achieved. Also, I believe that the Democrat majority will be short lived after the voters see that the only goal of the Democrats is to harass Trump and not to pass legislation that will improve this country. We will see a petty spiteful extreme socialist Democrat majority only concerned with impeachment and partisan grandstanding. When the voters see this the Republicans will be restored to majority hopefully electing conservative representatives who will support the Trump America First Agenda.

The Democrats will try and eliminate the tax cuts and increase regulations, which have powered a resurgence of the Trump economy to the best it has been since before Obama, in fact better than it has been for a very long time. Record low unemployment of all sectors of our citizens.

Because of the Democrats the wall will be delayed two years even though it would greatly cut illegals crashing our gates. Also no quality based immigration reform. No end to chain migration. No end to the lottery.

Phillip C Sellati, Lima

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