Letter: Don’t be the joker who helps a poacher

With Christmas around the corner, many people have started their Christmas shopping. However, some shopping can be harmful to many species around the world. While I am not against using animals for things such as food and clothing, there’s one case I would make an exception: when wild animals are used.

Many species of animals are in decline because of people who slaughter them to use their body parts for fashion. Thousands of elephants are slaughtered so that poachers can carve their ivory tusks into things such as ornaments and jewelry. Tigers and other cats are killed for their fur coats. Thousands of species of reptiles, such as crocodiles and snakes, are killed so that their skins can be used to make belts, shoes and purses.

In purchasing these products, people are helping poachers make money by driving animals towards extinction. So, before purchasing something as a Christmas present, make sure that the product you’re buying can be both beautiful and safe for wildlife.

Thomas Miller Huffman, Lima

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