Letter: Poor timing for broadcast

Our local Lima Television station has hit a new low. On Dec. 3rd and again on Dec 4th, it ran a story that bashed President Bush during our nation’s time of mourning. It felt the need to seek out a far-left Democrat liberal’s opinion of President Bush. So they got Robert Waters opinion, a history professor at ONU. He then trashed the ex-president and ended his interview by saying “And that’s why I feel President Bush was a failure”.

I asked the local station to not run the story again on the 4th, but they said not enough people have called in to complain about it. Now, I know everybody has an opinion — free speech etc… — but I felt this was a classless interview and a classless decision to run this opinion on air before President Bush was even buried!

Butt, you know, nothing the far left does anymore surprises me.

Ed Hanson, Lima

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