Letter: Take a seat; facts are facts

This is an answer to Larry Donaldson’s letter about the amount of votes the Democrats received or took away from the Republicans in the House during the mid-term election. I do believe he needs to check his facts.

This was not the largest loss of seats since the 1970s. That largest on record occurred while President Obama was in his first term — 63 seats. So far the Republicans have lost 29 with 12 unsettled, so at the most its 41 seats. That is just two-thirds of what Obama lost.

The Democrats have the majority in the House, but itissn’t a huge vote against President trump.

The losses while President Obama was in office were the largest since 1938 and the most from one party since 1948.

Historically, the Republican losses were not that much.

Susan Rudzinski, Lima

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