Letter: Thankful for what makes Lima a great place to live

Thanksgiving is over; the last piece of pie has been enjoyed. I hope you had a very good Thanksgiving day.

I hope you had many people to say “Happy Thanksgiving” to and many friends and family to share your day with. I even hope you said those words to people you do not know.

My list of things to be thankful for is long. I hope your list is too! If you live in Lima, then we could have some of the same items on our list. We have a great hometown with many good people that do many great things.

Every year, many people are fed at the Lima Civic Center. We can be proud of that. We have a fantastic museum for a town of our size. And I do hope you can make it to the museum for the Christmas Tree Festival. I will be adding my tree again this year.

We have a great symphony orchestra in Lima, and they play for all of us. If we look around, there are many reasons to say that we live in the best town ever.

Here is one more reason to be thankful in Lima. If you drive around Lima a lot (I do), then you may have noticed the turning of a lot of bad streets into good streets. Yes, many streets have been resurfaced this year. I am thankful for that and want to send out a big thank you to the workers who do the dirty work so our drive is a pleasure. Thanks guys! You help make Lima beautiful!

George H. Haver



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