Letter: Shawnee voters are ‘educated’

It was interesting to read the Shawnee School Superintendent’s comment on the failure of a proposed tax increase. Being in charge of a tax funded entity, he gave the typical comment, “We have to do a better job of educating our public.” What an insult to the voters. To say that voters only turned down the levy because they are uneducated on the facts is a slap in the face. I believe voters are more educated than you give them credit for.

Most voters consider a number of factors on deciding their vote on a tax levy. A few examples I have heard are: Is this an agency I support? Are they spending our tax dollars wisely? Is this agency making sound financial decisions or are they wasting money? Do I agree with the policies and operation of the entity? Do I have additional funds in my budget to increase my taxes? I don’t like the superintendent/director. I don’t like taxes.

But I have never heard “I’m uneducated on the levy so I’m voting against it.”

The people who fund you with their tax dollars are smart enough to make a decision. When you put the same levy on the primary ballot in six months (less voters) and get the same result, don’t hold a special election in August (even less voters) to try and get the desired result.

Here’s an idea for the state legislature to consider: If a tax funded entity has a 5-year (or any length) levy defeated, they should have to wait that same period of time before they can place it back on the ballot.

Larry Stayonovich, Shawnee Township

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