Conflicting reports need explanation

Earlier this year, according to Allen-Oakwood Correctional Institution interview statements with Hometown Lima Stations, incidents causing operational concerns determined the end of an 11-year partnership with Deb’s Dogs prison dog program.

In the reports to the listening area and on their website as well as social media page, the interview statements were limited to AOCI’s direct statement that incidents were indeed the reason as to why the partnership ended. However, it was stated by the rescue spokesperson, there were a “list” of reasons and one may have been due to prison’s staff lack of interest in participating.

Is there still an ongoing investigation or any follow-up being done as to why one entity stated a specific cause while another stated a list of reasons?

Has society become so lax in wanting facts to base personal decisions on, that we’re accepting whatever is given to us, whether facts or opinions?

We expect this type of ”news’ from MSM for an agenda. It seems it’s filtered down to even local news media outlets that are willing to report only what they want us to have knowledge of, in facts, to base our own conclusions.

Melissa Bowers, Lima

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