Letter: Election shows country woke up to realities of GOP

The current president’s actions, reactions and pouting about the results of the 2018 Midterm Election are not surprising. He has seen his efforts thwarted by thinking voters who turned away from the GOP in numbers not seen since the last Constitution-violating president was in office in the early 1970s.

The GOP and their supporters can, and will, spin this election to suit their alternative facts, but the truth is the truth. The GOP got beat like a drum as the election results in the House of Representatives shows.

The Senate is still in the hands of the GOP, but at least there is now a check and balance on the temper tantrums of our chief executive. Ohio still remains a backward state by continuing to follow, for the most part, the GOP vision of false statements and broken promises. Hopefully, the Democrats in the House can show them the way to a better country.

Now let’s hear from the people who still live in the land of delusion and still believe the president is the greatest and the GOP is really looking out for their best interests.

Larry Donaldson



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