Letter: Condemned to repeat the past?

Our first president, in his Farewell Address, cautioned the young nation to be wary of forming “entangling alliances” as it waded through the complexities of European politics. That advice would be equally true today as we (now the most powerful nation on earth) attempt to navigate the troubled waters of the Middle East.

It is absurd for the Trump administration to “straddle the fence” with an autocratice kingdom like Saudi Aarabia, (that kills a reputable journalist), simply because we are obsessed by Iran’s behavior toward terrorists. After more than a dozen years of struggle and blood, not to mention billions of dollars spent, our government leaders ought to understand the unique dynamics of religion and politics in the Arab world, we are not going to change either.

Instead of following the Eisenhower Doctrine of the 1950s, which promised to support independence for Arab states and land for peace in the Palestinian territory, we have made the same mistakes colonial powers made at the beginning of the 20th century, Reminds me of the adage: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

It is ironic that the most conservative members in Congress are the worst offenders, being in the back pocket, so to speak, of any military spending proposals so that the American nation can be involved in the wars around the Middle East. Hopefully, the new Congress will heed the advice of leaders like presidents like Washington and Eisenhower.

Carl D. Liechty, Lima

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