Letter: Why just ‘new’ toys

With the recent announcement that the annual Toys For Tots campaign has kicked off, I was reminded of the campaign a few years ago. There is a big difference from it used to be and what it is today.

I remember when the Toys For Tots campaign used to take, not only new toys, but gently used toys and fixed them up if they could and then distributed them among local charities. Gently used bicycles were donated and they were fixed and given out. But now, they request “new” toys only.


What about the people that would like to donate to the campaign, but dont have the finances to buy “new”? Limiting the donations to NEW toys only, in my opinion, is not what Christmas and the holiday season is about. Many children and family members would be grateful to get just about anything for Christmas. Granted, you cannot donate a toy car that has three wheels, but requiring a donation to be new just isnt right.

I may be looked at with disdain and callous, but that’s not the case. I love Christmas just as much as the next guy. If someone wants to give a gift to help out someone else, it should be accepted in the spirit for which it is given.

Harold Dorsett, Lima

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