Letter: Beware who you let on our land

I am 82 years old and I read The Lima News and watch television. I am fed up with the stink coming out of the swamp, otherwise known as Washington D.C.

A little background: When I was a child I would walk about a block to visit my grandparents. I didn’t talk much and they didn’t talk much either. I never did see either one of them smile. Grandpa lost his job at the factory and they didn’t have food stamps back then. They had nine children to feed from a garden. Making things worse, my grandmother was an Indian and people would treat her badly (I hope they treat the Indians in the.

I was with my Mom and two of my Dad’s sisters. They were fixing boxes full of string, rubber bands and foil to donate to the war effort. All of a sudden they started crying and hugging each other. I was scared and hid under the coffee table. That’s when I heard the radio … Japan had just bombed Pearl Harbor. We now had more than Germany to deal with.

Two weeks later my two youngest uncles signed up to go in the Army. Life in the U.S.A. just went from very hard to life or death. We fought the war and many died. It was sad, but those soldiers gave their lives so that we would continue to be the land of freedom.

Now we have people from all over the world wanting to live in our country. We need to know more about them before we just blindly let them in. Some are good, but some are killers, some have cut people’s heads off. These are not the citizens we want.

Thom Goodwin, Elida

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