Letter: Wake up, America!

It seems that all we (USA) have to “harvest” is hate, greed, egos and more hate.


Where did this come from? Stop the sophomoric antics and grow up, in other words shut your mouth and think before you speak! Quit playing games with the future of the USA. It’s been going on strong for the last four years and I’m sick and tired of it! Do any of you think about this nation and not your jobs that you get paid very well for not doing?

Washington, yes Washington, spews out hate just to see if we are listening to them. It’s good for the ego. Everyone is wrong but the chosen few. Excuse me, this it not how this country was made or ran until now.

Now we’re going to rule everything by “executive” decision. No, no. Congress is supposed to keep the executive body (president) in check as is the judicial body (Supreme Court). Did any of you people in Washington study government and parliamentary procedure? Apparently not ! I have never seen our government in such disarray.

I do remember studying the 1930’s when Germany and most of Europe was taken over by one man! It was spurred on by mob actions and hate of everyone that didn’t agree with the ruling body. I guess that didn’t work so well. Is that what the USA is headed for. I pray not!!

Louise Myers, Cairo

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