Letter: U.S. must stop the invasion

Today we face the greatest threat to our sovereignty as a nation. At this time an army of people from many different countries in South America is pressing north to pour into our country with the intention of receiving benefits they believe is owed them by our United States citizens.

They, with the help of the Democratic party and its unscrupulous politicians, would have us believe that it is the right of this mass to be given opportunities more than our own citizens receive. These politicians are looking for and believe that this influx of illegal immigrants will add the necessary votes to produce and maintain their hold on power to perpetuity.

We owe it to our citizens that they receive the necessary assistance when needed. We owe it to our veterans who sleep out in the elements, under bridges, tattered canvass and newspapers to receive a helping hand to survive. They have provided so much for the people of this country and have asked so little. They have not sacrificed greatly only to have unearned benefits given to hordes of illegals breaking our laws while they are shunned, forgotten and cast aside.

The Obamas are from Chicago and yet live in Washington. The very first project built around their new quarters was construction of a much higher, unclimbable fence, yet, the Obamas’ condemn the building of a border barrier as do socialites in Hollywood living in gated compounds. Trump is right to require change in the laws providing a path to citizenship for legal immigrants while protecting our citizens from unsavory and unlawful characters intent on crashing our borders and harming our people.

Leslie Joseph Kubinski, Wapakoneta

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