Letter: A Democrat vote is a vote for Socialism

The Democratic Party is becoming a Progressive Party being infiltrated by Bernie Sander’s supporters. Their in all 50 states running against Republicans and Democrats. Their goal is to change the states and country’s Constitution. They believe in Socialism. They are changing the Democrat Party. Democrat Candidates Richard Condray for Ohio Governor and Tristan Cheeseman for the 4th House District are Progressive Group members.

Progressivism is a seriously flawed ideology. It masquerades as libertarianism promising to represent personal economic freedoms while simultaneously seeking to abolish them. A very dangerous deception which leads people down the path of total Socialism. Everything is under government control and the average person, single making around $2,000 can be paying 46 percent of their paycheck. The benefits of Socialism has never really been implemented in its true form. It can be easily manipulated, and the wealth never trickles down to those who are living in poverty. It encourages workers incompetence, reduce the work force and limits innovation. The Progressive Groups bully those who don’t believe in their ideology like how they attacked Brett Kavanaugh. If Christine Ford was being truthful then why didn’t she submit her therapy records as evidence to prove herself.

Issue one will cost taxpayers more money and crime will increase and lost of lives. Minimum wage of $15. will increase everything instead of prosperity it will bring more poverty. Do we want our country run like California. A Democrat vote is a vote for Socialism.

Susan Brady, Lima

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