Letter: Congressman Jordan is one of us?

I listen to the commercial about Jim Jordan being one of us. I guess this is true if we are lifelong politicians with little understanding of working for a living.

If we can work at a job where we stand in the way of any change and are never be held accountable, he is one of us.

If we can spend our employer’s money to make false accusations and investigate other people with no results, he is one of us.

If we can spend our time on talk shows spinning stories about conspiracies that do not exist, he is just like us.

I listen to the commercial and look at Jim’s legislative record and cannot imagine anyone working in the private sector, accomplishing so little and still holding a job. In 10 years in Congress, just what has he done to help the 4th congressional district? Infrastructure is in decline. Healthcare costs are out of control. Wages are stagnant.

It is time for a change!

Janet Garrett approaches the job with some real-world experience. She has had to work for a living, seems to understand the concerns of working people and looks like a real upgrade to our current representative. I encourage you to vote for Janet Garrett and see what it is like to have a representative who has been accountable and understands the real life needs of the people of the 4th district.

Lewis Modic, Spencerville

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