Letter: Eyes and ears of the court

I have been a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) since 2016. I have seen first-hand the impact that CASA’s can make in the lives of the children of Allen and Auglaize counties.

CASA’s are the eyes and ears of the court. We talk to counselors, school personal, medical staff and other professionals, as well as family members and friends, in hopes to gain a broad picture of what life is like for the children we serve. Once we have gathered all the available information, we then present a thorough report to the court, as well as our recommendation, for the court to then decide the best next steps for the child.

Navigating the court system can be very traumatic, so CASA’s are a constant presence for the children we serve. CASA’s are all volunteers, yet it takes funding for the full-time staff to train and supervise us.

I am writing in hopes that others will be interested in donating to CASA this Giving Tuesday, Nov. 27, or volunteering their time as a CASA.

Or both!

Carol Rossfeld-Romey, Lima

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