Letter: Shawnee made best of bad situation

Shawnee Schools is in the same position as others find themselves in having to deal with changes that were a direct result of decisions made at the State of Ohio governing bodies.

Back in 2005, HB 66 was introduced changing the tax structure with the goal to make Ohio more competitive for future growth. This led to the creation of Commercial Activity Tax (CAT) to replace the Tangible Personal Property Tax. These changes led to how local schools and local governments would receive reimbursements from the State of Ohio. Because of these changes it led to dwindling reimbursements putting Shawnee Schools in the same position as many others.

I am like most people; I do not want to pay more in taxes. I do, however, recognize the position Shawnee School system is in that is no fault of their own as they have been fiscally responsible with the taxpayer’s monies to provide the best education possible. I have looked over their figures in depth and will be supporting this levy by voting for them this November.

Todd Truesdale, Shawnee Township

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