Letter: ‘He who has the gold rules’

As this election approaches, I’m praying not just for my country, but also for my brothers and sisters, both black and white, that you will get up, go out and vote.

This election should be as important to you as it was when President Barack Obama was running. The new officeholders will control your lives for years. If you are receiving any type of assistance — such as health insurance, food stamps, jobs — it may be affected. Don’t forget the Golden Rule. (I’m not talking about the one God gave us, but the one man lives by: “He who has the gold rules.”)

Tuesday gives you and me a chance to vote for what we need, not for whichever party has spun the best tale. Remember you have a voice, so use it. Don’t let it be taken from you. Our forefathers fought, bled and died for the right to vote.

How long do you think all the hate, racism, jealousy and just plain evilness will continue?

Why are we so quick to say hateful, hurtful, derogatory comments about each other?

Stop listening to the wrong things. You know what’s going on and why. Don’t be someone who thinks our country will become great again when it’s full of bigotry, hate, non-tolerance, violence and injustice.

I beg to differ because sooner or later the hate that’s shown towards others will eventually come to your homes by you. This country was built by all of us. We all play a part in making it great.

Have a blessed day

Mary Williamson, Lima

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