Letter: Why I can’t vote Democrat

I am not an one issue voter, but one issue will always prevent me from voting Democrat, and that is abortion.

Modern science is revealing more everyday what pro-life advocates have said all along, that life starts at conception.

Women should always have the right to make decisions about their body, but their child’s body is not their body. There are many methods to avoid pregnancy, including abstinence. Having an abortion does nothing to further the rights of women, rather, it restrains them. Alice Paul, the American suffragist, feminist and women’s rights activist said, “Abortion is the ultimate exploitation of women.” Pro-choice advocates convince women that they are unable to handle pregnancy, or to raise a child. I believe that there isn’t much in the world more formidable and awe-inspiring than a mother.

We have the benefit of living in 2018 and seeing these horrible beliefs for what they truly are. I cannot vote Democrat because their party officially endorses abortion. I firmly believe that one day America will wake up to the horror of our modern great sin. Please join me in making that day come soon by not voting Democrat or for any candidate that supports abortion.

Tyler Giesige, Cloverdale

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