Letter: My nightmare — a Democrat in office

Have you heard what the Democrats plan to do if they win the House? They have told us. Kiss your tax cut bye bye. Watch the stock market and your 401K tank as it anticipates more government regulation and intrusion into our lives. Why do you vote Democrat? Maybe you do not like how well the stock market is doing.

Say good-bye to the wall and hello to more waves of illegal aliens.

President Trump has reduced government regulations that have hobbled our companies for years. How about the current jobs numbers? Lowest Black, Hispanic, and overall unemployment numbers for many years. How about the new trade deals that are good for American workers and companies.

Oh, Yea, North Korea has stopped shooting missiles over Japan and is reducing its nuclear agenda. So many really good things in this first two years of President Trump.

We have two new Supreme Court Justices who will bring sanity back to the court. An end to legislating from the bench, interpreting the law, not making law. Looking to our Constitution for guidance.

The Democrats have been an embarrassment to their office. Where are their ideas to improve this country? We need people who actually think and act responsibly.

Did you ever think how things would be if Hillary had won? If the Democrats win the House we would get a taste of their plan and I know you would not like it.

Vote RED November 6.

Phillip C Sellati, Lima

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