Letter: Want no nonsense? Vote Janet Garrett

Janet Garrett is a no nonsense, practical, decision maker whose focus is on we the people of Northwest Ohio.

Unlike Mr Jordan, who skirts hard issues; is a career politician obligated to lobbyists and especially the “elite” special interest group — the Freedom Caucus. This caucus defines what Jordan stands for: sharply eliminating government supported healthcare (Medicare, Affordable Care Act - “Obama Care,” Medicaid) and privatizing them all, eliminating social security, and privatizing public education.

Raised in a conservative Republican household, I thought I learned that Republicans were fiscally responsible. As Jordan has been a career politician for many years, our national deficit (expenses greater than revenues) was up to a record $665 billion in 2017 and projected to be $ 890 billion this year. By far the highest in US history. These significant deficits are directly due to extreme tax cuts for very wealthy individuals and successful businesses and huge tariffs, (i.e. taxes)on the world market which negatively impact our farmers and US manufacturers.

All this has transpired under current leadership, including Jordan, without a peep.

Time for sensible change. Vote Janet Garrett.

Nancy Kohlrieser, Lima

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